Which HR and Payroll software Dubai covers all requirements a per UAE labor law?

The roles of HR departments have evolved from employee management to strategic planning and resourcing with the help of HR and Payroll software Dubai, UAE. Companies have become to stress the importance of the intricacies of people management, or Human Resource management.

The roles of HR departments are fast evolving from employee management to strategic planning and resourcing. A key role in strategic human resources management is played by new generation Human resource Management Systems.

Yestech HR Management Software Dubai, Sharjah, AbuDhabi,Ras Al Khaimah is unique in that with integrated HR document management and payroll system for handling the complete HR lifecycle.

Features of HRMS Software for Dubai, UAE clients

Organizations use a bulk amount of data regarding their business activities and personnel for daily functioning. Modules for classifying and utilizing such information are an inherent component of our HR management software for Dubai, UAE. The HRMS system controls all information related to the organization and fundamental for payroll processing.



Employee satisfaction is a fundamental concept affecting employee performance. Integral to employee satisfaction is ESS. The Employee Self Service module allows employees to submit specific virtual applications. Users can do the following:

Payroll Management Solutions Dubai

Unique payroll processing software system in Abudhabi, UAE with exceptional features for integrating all your business complex and exhaustive pay related activities using a simple, user-friendly interface.

Payroll software dubai uae
Payroll Software UAE


Document management module helps to record document information and upload documents. The below are key features :

HR Software modules with Dubai, UAE which are compatible

HR Management

Leave Management

Compensation Management

Payroll Management

Loan Management

Employee Self Service

Asset Management

Learning And Development

Performance Management

Attendance Management

Project Management

Recruitment Management

Choosing the Right Easy-to-Use Payroll Software in Dubai

Yestech stands out as the premier Payroll Software in Dubai, UAE when it comes to efficiently managing payroll processing. This robust HR & Payroll system, specifically designed for businesses of all sizes in the UAE, ensures seamless operations. The significance of HR jobs cannot be overstated, as they involve direct interaction with candidates and employees.

To facilitate this, it is imperative for your business to have a reliable system that aids HR professionals in streamlining salary and payment processes, while also ensuring compliance with UAE regulations.

Businesses therefore opt for the implementation of a reliable and resilient payroll management technology. Our payroll software in the UAE ensures seamless processing of payrolls, making it convenient for you to handle all payroll and absence calculations.

With just a few clicks on the cloud-based payroll system, you will have access to comprehensive information regarding employee benefits, allowances, deductions, temporary allowances, temporary deductions, and WPS Company.

FAQs on HRMS Software

HR Software can automize human resource of Mid and Large companies employees. With the help of ESS employee can do all their request online, Salary can be calculated with payroll module, Attendance can be managed with attendance module etc. 

The prices for HRMS software starts with 100 USD. Its all depends upon customer requirements and modules they are selecting.

We have both SAAS with subscription and local server installation option. 

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