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Why Asset management software Dubai UAE
required mid size and large companies?


Our Fixed asset management software Dubai UAE records and manages the assets a company issues to its employees. The Asset tracking system in Dubai, UAE is completely customizable reliable and easy to use. We offer abrupt assistance and support to users to make the software usage properly and meaningfully.

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE business sector encompass various asset categories such as electronics, machineries, and vehicles. To facilitate efficient asset management, our fixed asset tracking feature enables users to monitor the movement of their fixed assets across different departments and locations within the organization. This module’s key feature utilizes barcode scanning or RFID technology to accurately track assets, providing users with a real-time overview of their asset inventory. By swiftly locating assets, this product feature not only saves time but also eliminates the necessity for manual tracking.


Top 5 Fixed Asset Accounting Software Features in Dubai, UAE

Asset Accounting

The Fixed Asset Accounting module offers a comprehensive range of features to handle asset accounting transactions for the companies in Dubai, UAE. This includes the processing of acquisition, depreciation, adjustment, and disposal. Additionally, the module also provides the capability to merge and split assets for companies operating in Dubai, UAE

 This module ensures that all aspects of asset accounting are efficiently managed. It enables users to seamlessly handle the various stages of an asset’s lifecycle, from its initial acquisition to its eventual disposal. With the ability to accurately calculate depreciation and make necessary adjustments, companies can maintain accurate records of their fixed assets. 

Furthermore, the module’s asset merge and split functionalities offer flexibility for companies in Dubai, UAE, allowing them to efficiently manage their assets according to their specific requirements.

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Asset Maintenance software dubai UAE

Asset Maintenance

With the Fixed Asset Maintenance module, companies can efficiently handle the maintenance of their assets by utilizing the functionalities provided by the Asset Accounting module. 

By defining maintenance budgets according to SLAs and maintenance orders, organizations can effectively monitor and control their maintenance expenses, ensuring that they remain within the desired limits. 

This module serves as a valuable tool for managing and optimizing maintenance activities related to equipment and components.

Asset Leasing

The Asset Leasing module assists users in effectively managing asset leasing activities and streamlining lease billing transactions. This module is built upon the foundation of the Asset Accounting and Maintenance Dubai module, providing comprehensive support for lease management. 

By utilizing the Asset Leasing module, users can efficiently handle all aspects of asset leasing, ensuring accurate and timely processing of lease billing transactions.

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Asset tracking software solutions Dubai UAE

Asset Tracking

By integrating the Asset Accounting and Finance module with the Asset Tracking module in Dubai, Abdudhabi, Sharjah, Ras-Al-khaimah, UAE, you can efficiently manage your assets using barcode scanning devices.

This advanced system enables you to store and update asset barcode information in the asset register, effortlessly generate asset labels with a barcode printer, and utilize these labels to conveniently identify individual asset units.

With this seamless integration, you can streamline your asset tracking process and ensure accurate asset management throughout your organization.

Asset Module Highlights

Asset Accounting
Software Dubai, UAE

  •  Provides flexible asset and barcode numbering.
  • Manage meters and SLA contracts for equipment maintenance.
  • Schedule maintenance activities & manage maintenance expense.
  • Manage fixed asset lease contract and automate the billing process.
  • Provide complete barcode-based asset tracking facility.
  • Auto numbering facility is also available.
  • Acquire assets in the currency that vendor would use.
  • The tax currency of fixed asset could not be same from functional currency.
  • Calculate unrealized gains and losses for active asset as exchange rates fluctuate.
  • Adjust asset value in source or functional currency.
  • Disposal proceeds in source or functional currency.
  • Asset maintenance expense is possible to processed in source or functional currency.
  • Asset lease billing entry can be updated in source or functional currency.

Asset Maintenance
Software Dubai, UAE

  • Multiple reading meters can be assigned to equipment and component.
  • Meter are set up for to track the equipment usage in Dubai, UAE.
  • User have to specify the usage criteria for meters to create auto maintenance order on meter reading.
  • Maintenance resources can be assigned to maintenance order and expense entry.
  • Maintenance resources are set up to identify the maintenance expense of Assets in Dubai.
  • A service level agreement can be signed up with a vendor to define the service terms.
  • Multiple SLA’s can be created for an equipment.
  • Notification template should be assigned to a SLA to notify of equipment maintenance.
  • Maintenance budget can be assigned for SLA to control the maintenance expense.
  • Maintenance order assigns maintenance resource for keeping equipment’s.
  • Budget can be set up for maintenance order for controlling maintenance expense.
  • Maintenance order can be created automatically at meter reading.
  • Purchase requisition also can be created maintenance order.

Asset Leasing
Software Dubai, UAE

  • Defines billing charges for assets in a specific lease UOM.
  • Lease contract can be signed with the customer for leasing assets out.
  • Lease contract can be signed with suppliers for leasing assets in.
  • Specifies due date for lease agreement contract.
  • Multiple assets can be assigned in a lease contract.
  • Defines lease quantity, Unit of Measure and billing rate for each asset.
  • Sets up a billing schedule automatically for each leased asset.
  • User can Define lease revenue/expense account for each asset.
  • Creates billing automatically on the basis of billing schedule of lease contract.
  • Books the lease revenue/expense against lease contract.

Asset Tracking
Software Dubai, UAE

  • Print asset label with the barcode printer.
  • Use asset label in order to identify asset unit.
  • Download all kinds asset information to the barcode scanner.
  • Predefined barcode scanning software program facilitate the asset tracking.
  • Upload all updated asset information from the barcode scanner.

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FAQs on Asset Management Software requirements in Dubai, UAE

Different pricing options are available for the Asset management software in Dubai, UAE which are determined by the individual needs of the clients and the selection of modules. The starting price for the product is 599.00 AED.

In Dubai, UAE, we provide the flexibility of choosing between web-based or client-based applications to meet the specific requirements of asset management software.

Whether you prefer a web-based solution that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection or a client-based application that offers enhanced security and control, we have the right solution for you. 

Our aim is to cater to the diverse needs of our clients and ensure that they have the most suitable software to effectively manage their assets.

Yestech is currently engaged in the management of various fixed asset products, encompassing both SAAS models with subscription services and client applications. The company handles multiple offerings in the realm of fixed asset management, catering to the needs of its diverse clientele.