Upgrade your remote wok strategy with HR and Payroll Solution Dubai Abudhabi UAE

Our HRMS – HR and Payroll Solution Dubai, Abudhabi, UAE is specifically tailored to address the daily challenges you encounter. It aims to empower organizations similar to yours by providing valuable insights, enhancing productivity, and streamlining operations for improved efficiency.

Exactly HRMS, the leading HR software in the UAE, ensures that you are always well-informed about the latest economic, financial, and legislative aspects that are crucial for your business success.

Make informed decisions, faster!

  • Enhance business intelligence by conducting precise data analysis.
  • Access your latest data and event history with speed and efficiency.

Increase organizational productivity!

  • Streamline and oversee the consolidation of all your data into a unified and user-friendly database.
  • Enhance the speed and efficiency of sharing information across your entire organization.
  • Integrate the module with both company portals and user portals for seamless access and interaction

Reduce operational costs!

  • Streamline HR processes and eliminate repetitive tasks through automation.
  • Seamlessly integrate your current management tools to communicate with the application.
  • Establish labor distribution for your organizational structure.
  • Effectively define and manage your organizational structure on a global scale.

The integrated modules included in this comprehensive business HR & Payroll system for UAE are as follows:

  • Recruitment
  • Employee Profile Management
  • Leave Processing
  • Compensations & Benefits
  • HR Scheduling & Time Capture
  • Payroll Processing based on Policies – Batch wise Processing
  • Employee & Manager Self-Service
  • Performance Evaluation and Appraisals
  • Organizational hierarchy
  • Project Scheduling & Management
  • Employee Asset Management
  • Multi-Company Feature & Employee Transfers
  • Multi-Currency

Exactly HRMS works to automate repetitive HR activities, giving you more time to work on profitable operational tasks.

You can easily program Exactlly to:

  • Reset the time banks for the year, including vacations, time off, sick leaves, and other types of leave.
  • Conduct an analysis of various databases, such as absenteeism rates, salary increases, and career tracking.
  • Ensure timely notification at the conclusion of a probation period.
  • Send balanced scorecards, reports, lists, or graphics to supervisors via email.
  • Carry out a variety of additional tasks as required.

Maximize Employee Performance.

  • Develop yearly assessments of individual performance and skills.
  • Design personalized evaluation forms and surveys.
  • Monitor and support employees’ career goals and progress

Make Intelligent Staffing Decisions, Quickly!

  • Develop strategies for ensuring smooth transitions in leadership and identifying potential candidates for key positions within the organization.
  • Assess the gap between the skills needed for a role and the skills possessed by an individual employee through skill gap analysis.
  • Effectively handle talent management by implementing both internal and external recruitment processes and maintaining a comprehensive candidate database.

Employee Self-Service

Enhance organizational efficiency, reduce redundant data input, and streamline daily operations with HR Self-Service by Exactlly ERP.

A secure, accurate solution!

Every staff member is assigned a distinct user code and password for identification purposes. The workflow system guarantees that any information entered by the employee is authorized by the relevant supervisors before being approved.

HR Self-Service empowers employees to:

  • Complete time sheets for various projects, activities, clients, and budgets.
  • Access and update personal details such as contact information and marital status.
  • Check time banks and holiday schedules.
  • Submit time off requests.
  • Verify the approval status of time off requests from supervisors. 6. Prepare expense account reports.

Access comprehensive HR training and career resources through our user-friendly HR Self-Service platform.

  • Discover job opportunities, enhance career goals, access training sessions, and track application status on our website.
  • Take control of your career with our website – explore job openings, set career objectives, access training sessions, and more!
  • Maximize your professional growth with our website – apply for jobs, track applications, access training sessions, and input follow-up activities for self-development.

HR Health & Safety

The SIGMA-HR.net HR Safety & Health application is the go-to OSHA compliance software for corporations across various industries and sizes. It is the leading solution for managing industrial accidents and absenteeism in America, making it the most widely used software in this field. With HR Safety & Health, you can efficiently handle workplace accidents and ensure a safe and healthy environment for your employees.

  • Enhances workforce productivity while managing compliance risk.
  • Streamlines data input processes and work time organization for easier management.
  • Seamlessly integrates with your company’s management rules for efficient everyday processes.
  • Delivers precise and up-to-date information on health and safety data, training, and prevention metrics.
  • Ensures OSHA compliance and effective control of work-related and non work-related absences.


Why HR Safety & Health?

  • HR Safety & Health ensures compliance with OSHA regulations by integrating with the OSHA Four Point Management Tool and providing access to Federal and State-specific OSHA forms.
  • The application helps manage workplace accidents by connecting with workers compensation, offering risk prevention and management tools, prescribing PPE, and linking specific incidents with preventative measures and training.
  • HR Safety & Health helps control non work-related absenteeism by tracking labor costs of absences and providing valuable insights on reducing absenteeism.
  • The software automates time off tracking, manages employee events, and generates absenteeism reports by individual, team, department, division, or company.

HR Time & Attendance

How many hours are you dedicating to time management tasks? With HR Time & Attendance software, you can allocate that time to more strategic operations.

Use HR Time & Attendance software to get more done, faster!

  • Empower your staff with the necessary tools to manage their time and attendance
  • Utilize the HR Self-Service application for employees and managers to input and submit their timesheet entries
  • Customize the HR Time and Attendance software to align with your company’s management rules and regulations.

Enhance Workforce Efficiency with HR Time & Attendance: A Comprehensive Guide

  • Enhance the monitoring of absence records to minimize absenteeism duration.
  • Document the causes of absence in employee files.
  • Streamline the tracking of employee time off through automation.
  • Effectively handle relocations, assignments, medical leave, and other significant events.
  • Access and print absenteeism reports promptly for individuals or groups based on teams, departments, divisions, or the entire company.
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