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If you are a small business owner in Dubai, UAE, you are well aware of the challenges faced in the past three years. The COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on your business, and now you are dealing with supply chain issues and rising inflation in 2022. To navigate through these financial difficulties, it is crucial to closely monitor your cash flow.

This is where small business accounting software and bookkeeping solutions in Dubai, UAE can be of great assistance. By organizing and automating your daily financial tasks, these software solutions enable you to make informed decisions and plan for an uncertain future. 

At our company, we have tested and evaluated various accounting system apps specifically designed for small businesses in Dubai, UAE. Our ratings are based on factors such as user-friendliness, functionality, and affordability.

Some of these apps are ideal for sole proprietors, freelancers, and businesses with a limited number of employees, while others cater to larger and expanding enterprises. In the following list, we present the top eight small business accounting software applications, along with detailed explanations of their unique features and advantages.

Top 5 Accounting Software Sales in Dubai, UAE

Why We Picked It: A Comprehensive Review

In Dubai, UAE, Intuit QuickBooks Online has established itself as the go-to accounting service for small businesses. Its exceptional user experience coupled with its robust accounting functionality has made it the top choice for many years.

What sets this service apart is its flexibility, offering various versions and a vast selection of add-on apps to cater to different business needs. Additionally, its mobile accessibility surpasses that of its competitors, providing users with convenient access to their financial data on the go.

Who It's For

Intuit QuickBooks Online may come with a higher price tag, making it a suitable choice for small businesses that have allocated a budget for technology expenses. QuickBooks Online Dubai offers a user-friendly interface that even inexperienced bookkeepers can easily grasp, while also providing a plethora of advanced accounting tools for more experienced users.

 Its high level of customization and user-friendliness make it an appealing option for businesses across various industries Read More.

Why We Picked It: A Comprehensive Review

Zoho Books serves as the accounting software specifically designed for small businesses in Dubai, UAE, and is an integral part of Zoho’s comprehensive business software ecosystem. It offers seamless integration with various related applications and functionalities such as CRM, customer service, and email.

In terms of usability, adaptability, and extensive features in essential bookkeeping areas like sales and purchases, time and project tracking, and inventory management, Zoho Books Dubai not only matches but also occasionally exceeds the offerings provided by its competitors in the UAE.

Who It's For

Zoho Books offers an unexpectedly budget-friendly solution, and it even provides a free version. While it is particularly well-suited for businesses utilizing other Zoho applications in DUBAI UAE, its benefits extend beyond this specific scenario.

We also suggest considering Zoho Books for larger small businesses, growing enterprises, and established companies seeking a customizable, comprehensive, and user-friendly accounting software. However, it is worth noting that the extensive range of features it offers may be overwhelming for very small businesses, but it is highly appreciated by organizations with more complex requirements read more...

Why We Picked It: A Comprehensive Review

Sage 50 Accounting Dubai, UAE is particularly suitable for businesses seeking comprehensive inventory-tracking features. Moreover, it is most ideal for companies requiring advanced accounting capabilities, customization options, and ample data storage capacity.

It is well-suited for those who are comfortable with desktop software and have remote employees who can access their own installations of the software. Additionally, Sage’s Remote Data Access allows for seamless sharing of company data among these remote employees.

Who It's For

In Dubai, UAE, Sage 50 Accounting partners and providers offer a solution tailored to the needs of companies seeking robust inventory-tracking capabilities. It is particularly advantageous for businesses that require advanced accounting functionalities, customizable features, and extensive data storage.

This software is well-suited for organizations that embrace desktop software and have remote employees who can access their own installations of Sage’s software. The seamless sharing of company data through Sage’s Remote Data Access further enhances its suitability for such companies read more.

Why We Picked It: A Comprehensive Review

The Tally software is designed to cater to all the essential financial aspects of small businesses in Dubai, UAE. It encompasses various elements such as sales, purchases, bills and expenses, inventory management, and payroll.

Tally stands out by offering comprehensive reports and advanced analytics, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights. Moreover, it provides tools for efficient project tracking. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Tally automates processes and enhances connectivity with relevant financial websites.

With its user-friendly interface, extensive features, seamless integration options, and a network of expert advisors, Tally emerges as one of the top-notch accounting solutions for small businesses today.

Who It's For

When it comes to small business accounting software, Tally ERP stands out as an ideal solution for companies in Dubai. Its strength lies in its ability to accommodate multiple users, making it highly suitable for businesses with a need for shared access to their accounting system.

Additionally, Tally ERP offers a wide range of integrated features that can greatly benefit businesses that require advanced functionalities and robust reporting tools. Notably, Tally ERP also provides a unique feature for tracking fixed assets, which is not commonly found in other software options for small businesses.

While the user experience may not be cutting-edge, Tally ERP remains relatively easy to learn. However, it is important to consider that Tally may not be the most suitable choice for sole proprietors or freelancers, despite its availability at a starter pricing level that caters to their budgetary needs read more.

How We Pick in the Best Small Business Accounting Software in Dubai, UAE?

Our list of the top small business accounting software includes Five highly-rated applications. Among them, QuickBooks and Tally Small Accounting stand out as the best options for microbusinesses such as independent contractors, freelancers, and sole proprietors.

Tally ERP offers a free version, with the exception of an $8 per month charge for scanning receipts, while Tally Small Accounting is priced at $25 per month. The remaining six applications cater to small businesses with a few employees, offering various service tiers to accommodate different business sizes and needs.

How Do You Set Up Accounting Software?

The duration required to initiate a small business accounting service varies depending on the duration of your business’s operation. Upon registering for an account, the process can range from a mere five minutes to several hours.

Many providers offer complimentary trial periods or demo accounts, and once you are prepared to make a commitment, they impose monthly subscription charges. In general, the complexity of your accounting requirements directly influences the setup time and the subsequent monthly payment amount.

Do you have questions about accounting software in UAE?

No matter the needs of your organization, we’re here to help. Our expert support team is on hand to will help you choose the perfect accounting and bookkeeping program.

FAQs on ERP Software requirements

Selecting an accounting software for your small business can be a daunting task. The ideal choice for you will heavily rely on the specific requirements of your business. It is crucial to find a product that not only accommodates your current needs but also provides flexibility for future growth, without burdening you with unnecessary expenses for features that may never be utilized. Fortunately, many of the accounting services we assessed offer various versions, allowing you to begin with a basic package and seamlessly upgrade to a more advanced edition that offers similar functionality and user experience.

Accounting services place significant emphasis on monitoring your company’s expenses, which refers to purchases made beyond the regular bills that are entered and paid (although some services do offer support in this regard). This aspect of your financial management can quickly spiral out of control if not properly monitored. To address this, small business accounting software categorizes expenses into different types and then compares them to your income using comprehensive totals and visually appealing charts.