Why ODOO ERP Software Dubai, one of the favorite solutions to automize business in UAE?

Traditionally, accounting has been treated as one of the dull and unexciting process of a business, with the help of ODOO ERP software Dubai this can solve. The accounts department will become arguably one of the most important components in the success of every organizations.

Accountants are perfectly one of the most valuable informational resources in a company. Accounts department know the ins and outs of how the business operates and are intimately acquainted with the organization’s current and projected financial position. It is pretty much important for the financial health of an business to provide the accounting team with the tools they need in order to effectively monitor these factors.

There are many accounting and ERP software in Dubai UAE includes ODOO which offers on the market capable of providing the features and reporting functions accountants need, but where should the search for the best choice begin?

 Most growing organizations use a commercial management software solution for their business operations. The ideal software solution for these businesses would be to choose an ODOO accounting software provider in UAE that can be integrated with their current commercial solution.

This will save a great time and resources for the organization. ODOO Accounting software DUBAI is available either installed locally or through a cloud service provider. While both option of software have their own unique limitations, online offers are becoming increasingly popular choices amongst small and medium size organizations given the simplicity and low cost of implementation.


ODOO ERP software solution features

ODOO Software Dubai UAE

ODOO Dashboard

ODOO ERP software solutions have very best dashboard designer which helps the user to design the own way as company requirements in Dubai, UAE. It is useful to note that there is a “Dashboard” application in Odoo Community.

This app allows users to develop their own customized view of data, but the customization is only visible to each user and also can only be viewed within the “Dashboard” app.

ODOO ERP Solutions UAE
ODOO Software vendors in Dubai

Accounting Module from ODOO

Odoo Accounting is a full featured accounting application for Dubai, Abudhabi UAE customers. Accountant productivity is at the core of its development with features such as AI-powered sales and purchase invoice recognition, synchronization with your bank accounts, smart matching suggestions, etc.

Sales module from ODOO

Sending quotes in just a few clicks. Convert all quotes from sales orders and invoices from the same screen. The use of integrated CRM application to manage business sales pipeline from qualification to closing.

Convert all quotations into sales orders in one click, or let your clients do it themselves with online quotes and Odoo eSign. Save time with the ability to edit sales orders, sell item kits, and ship partial orders. Invoice based on sales ordered or delivered quantities, or based on time and materials. Manage payment terms by customer or by invoice. Easily track and follow up on invoice aging.

ODOO Software system UAE
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Inventory Module from ODOO ERP software Dubai

Real-time stock management with all the features: serial numbers, , packaging, reservation strategies, lots cycle counting, KPIs, and more.

Blazing-fast inventory search: instantly know the warehouse of all your inventories across multiple warehouses or multiple companies. Clearly see all overheads, reports, and statuses in the dashboard view.

Optimized procurement can map out your difficult routes in Odoo and automatically plan transfers. A complete control over supply chain operations with valuable actions between different applications. Whether you do perpetual or periodical, Odoo supports multiple valuation methods: FIFO, Average Price, LIFO, Standard price.

Do you have questions about ODOO ERP Software in Dubai UAE?

No matter the needs of your organization, we’re here to help. Our expert support team is on hand to will help you choose the perfect ERP and Accounting program for Dubai, UAE.

FAQs on ERP Software requirements in Dubai, UAE

ODOO ERP software will work both online and offline. All depends upon customer requirements the business partner will do it.

ODOO is an open source application which user can download and implement it as free of cost. But ODOO free of cost only providing limited features.

ODOO price starts with 30 USD per user/month for Dubai, UAE customers..